Creative solutions for individuals and businesses.

When you look great, you do great.


I'm Brooke: homesteading mother of five, artist, musician, and former teacher, with a passion for design, grammar, and punctuation. I'm a fan of UK English and the Oxford comma, with the sense to know when not to use them. I've been refining businesses' images and branding for over a decade. My keen eye and attention to detail will take your project to the next level.

What I do


I can provide you with everything you'd expect from an agency, without the price tag.

Website Design

Design for Print

Logo Design

Business Stationery

Advertising Design

Brochures, Leaflets, and Flyers

Poster Design

Document Editing

Creating visually-striking offline and online materials is my specialty.  Whatever your needs, I have the skills and the vision to help you stand out.

Your website is your business. Get results.

Your website is the most important tool you have for promoting your business, so it is essential to have a website that works in your favour. 

It's both your storefront window and your business card, and it has to reflect your business accurately.  You want to give a great first impression and persuade people that your business is the one they want. 

Success includes print design.


Print is NOT dead. Despite the trend for digital marketing, there remains no better tool than a great brochure, flyer, or leaflet.  Print promotes sales, motivates customers, and makes your brand shine. 

Your logo is your visual identity.


Creating a logo that works for your business is far more than choosing a font, a shape, and a slogan.  Your logo represents your business and helps your customers connect with your brand.  

Let's face it: your work probably needs editing.

You have amazing ideas, but if your writing is laden with errors, you won't be taken seriously. After years of marking students' work in my role as a teacher, I make sure your report, manuscript, copywriting, essay, website content, and more holds up to scrutiny.

Who I am


I am an entrepreneur, a versatile and creative woman who sees every project as an opportunity to help you achieve success.

Who I am not

I am not a design agency, and you are not just another job. I don't have a faceless team, and I'm driven to get you great results.

What I mean to you

Each and every client gets something unique. I'll work for you and with you to create more revenue, more leads, and more business through my designs.